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Creative JBZ/L245-2 4.5MM -5.6G Standard Gauge Punchcard Knitting Machine





(Knitting Machine280/SRP60N Main+Ribber )

(Knitting Machine 280/SRJ70 Main+Ribber)


The Creative JBZ/L245-2 is a metal bed Standard Gauge ( 4.5mm-5.6Gauge ) punchcard knitting machine, complete with detachable ribber and with a set of punch cards used on either the main knitting machine bed and the ribber .Capable of all common machine knitting stitches, including stockinet, tuck, slip, fairisle, thread lace, knit weaving, and plating .The 24 stitch punchcard mechanism will accept all existing punch cards from Brother, Studio and Toyota machines .It also does ribbing, fisherman's rib, circular knitting, and double jacquard.This machine is extremely similar to the Singer Studio 700 series machines (now Silver Reed SK280), so those who are familiar with these machines will feel very comfortable with this one.

Like Silver Reed standard Gauge Kniting Machine SK280, it is a machine that will proudly stand by your side to help you create some of the most beautiful garments in your wardrobe. With a 24 stitch punch card pattern center you can create beautiful tuck, weaving, slip, and fair isle stitch patterns. This Standard Gauge Punch card machine is the perfect machine for fingering and sport weight yarns. This standard model punch card machine is designed for smooth, trouble-free, operation and durability .Indulge your creative side, join the growing family of machine knitters.

The main bed does stockinette, slip, tuck, fairisle, thread lace, knit-weaving and plating. The ribber does rib stitches, circular knits, fisherman's rib, drop stitch lace and pile stitch. Supplied with all small tools, cast-on combs, 20 pre-punched cards, claw and ribber weights and sock weight hangers. The tools fit in a storage box that mounts on the right hand side of the machine. The Creative JBZ/L245-2 Standard Gauge ( 4.5mm-5.6Gauge ) Punchcard Knitting Machine is also available bundled with Intarsia Carriages and Birdseye Carriages and a 4-Color Changer.

There are a great number of stitch types to choose from: Fair Isle (Knit-in), Single Motif, Punch Lace, Tuck, Slip, Knit Weaving, and Plating.

The ribbing attachment comes with a complete set of weights and combs along with a manual to help you make a large variety of ribbed fabrics including ribbing, half-fisherman's rib, racked ribbing, double jacquard (preferred for afghans) and many more textured fabrics. Tubular knitting is possible with the ribber. You can make scarves, hats, socks, mittens and much more.

This machine uses a coned yarn machine knitters call "4-ply yarn". This is roughly equivalent to fingering weight hand knitting yarn, although it is usually a little finer. Knitting machine "3-ply yarn" is finer still and is used for double jacquard. A type of knitting where there are no strings on the back of the knitting because the ribber knits them into a fabric.

These are the tools packed in the accessory box.

New square shape stand,Intarsia Carriage , Birdseye Carriage and a 4-Color Changer. optional.

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